Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tell Us Where To Place Our Stands - Feedback

We received some feedback on the last post with the aerial and topo photos and were pointed to two areas. I marked the aerial photos with red dots for stands that are pretty much guaranteed and aqua dots for a possible stands. Of course, nothing is set in stone until they are scouted from the ground and the miles are put on the boots, but they appear pretty promising.

Given the fact that Oklahoma has had 37 of the last 45 days over 100 degrees, getting out to scout has been tough. We scouted two weeks ago starting at 6am and by 9am, we were soaked in sweat. The things we are willing to go through for scouting...As soon as I can get some time away, we will be scouting the area with both video and pictures to provide y'all with feedback as to what the spots you chose look like and we'll continue to work with you guys in the placement of the stands and execution of the hunts.

This scouting is for the Huntography - 2011 Deer Tour


  1. Same out here in NC. We scouted a very large area back in June and marked 10 stand sites, now it is time to get back in there to trim some trees and have them ready for the the September opener...if only this heat will drop just a little...

  2. This summer has been brutal heat-wise. I can't recall a summer that's been this bad. The only hours where it's even manageable is between midnight and 8am.

  3. I am lucky and unlucky for the same reason. My spots I hunt are small so no scouting needed but they are small so not much room to move. I need to check a stand, hang another and build 2 blinds but it is just too hot. Might hunt my climber instead of hanging the ladder at first.

  4. Nice to see you on here Tommy! I agree, small areas are very convenient, especially when hunting with your children. However so many factors come into play as in keeping deer on the property, not spooking them at all for fear of driving them off the land, etc. Fortunately, when you hunt more for meat and the overall experience, some of these items can be put to the side.

    I finally have a climber this year, so it has really opened up the possibilities of this season. I hate using hang-ons and ladders on public land as it's usually a matter of time before someone is in that stand or the stand is no longer there...As long as we get a break in the heat by the end of August, I'll be fine with making a ruckus in the woods while clearing stand locations.