Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bowfishing With Underwater Camera Angles

We went bowfishing again last week but we took the bronco this time and utilized the 4 wheel drive to go about 6 miles downstream. We were able to find a whole pool of drum and carp thanks to the guidance of some local guys on 4-wheelers. The pool seemed really clean when looking down into it with polarized glasses, but once the camera was put in it, you could not see nearly as well as we thought. The difference between looking down into the water with the sun and looking across the water is pretty big, but we got some usable footage. Last weeks fish total: 23.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Releasing a Great Blue Heron While Bowfishing

Last week found us returning to the same spots on the river for bowfishing. The fish were a bit scarce and the headcam wasn't aimed correctly, so we didn't end up with a lot of footage.

During the trip, we notice something struggling along the bank of the river. A great-blue heron was tangled in some twine left behind on a tree branch. Matt carefully freed the bird as we recorded the incident.

We also managed to locate a carp that was hit a week prior, but not retrieved.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Try at Bowfishing

With the high temperature during the day soaring past 100 degrees for 2 weeks now, we've put away the fishing tackle in favor of trying something new, bowfishing. I picked up 3 Game Winner bowfishing arrows with broadheads from Academy and opted out of purchasing a reel as the water we were going to be in was between 6 inches and 3 feet deep. The following video is the result of our first attempt at bowfishing.