Sunday, July 3, 2011

Name Change - Make it Happen Outdoors

Ever since we started our journey in the outdoors as children, Matt and I have always wanted to make our own hunting and fishing videos. We started this realization a few months ago by starting this blog, our twitter account, and YouTube channel. Currently, we only hunt and fish on public land, however this may not always be the case. The previous name, Public Hunting Only, would be constrictive in future growth should we have opportunities to hunt and fish private land whether that be through leases or through our friends and contacts. We needed a name that would truly convey our goals and aspirations for this "dream".

Our friends, @Huntography and @JoshDickerson7, provided valuable insight and inspiration to create a name that we can own and be proud of. I've never thought that simply coming up with a name would be so difficult. After a couple of weeks of batting around ideas, the name came to us out of no-where. Make it Happen Outdoors was born. MiHOutdoors is our true passion. With only having access to public land currently, you really have to make it happen for yourself when it comes to being successful.

We have a couple of things in the works for the next couple of weeks for the blog and are currently working on video editing and everything that encompasses it. Until next time, Make it Happen when you're Outdoors.


  1. Thanks for the mention buddy...we will MAKE IT HAPPEN this year!

  2. An honor that you asked for my input. Now go and Make it Happen Michael!

    - Rudy