Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Social with America’s Whitetail Deer Hunters

Just announced this morning is Huntography's road-trip to film some of today's social media deer hunters. From his blog: 

1 Huntographer. 12 States. 19 Deer Hunters. 5,000 Miles. Fall 2011

This fall, I’ll be hitting the road again to film more of America’s whitetail deer hunters. Each one of these folks I met via social media. Through Twitter, Facebook, a blog or a forum, a relationship was forged.
I’ll visit them, on their private back 40 or on some local public land of their choice and capture their hunting experiences, deer camp culture and heritage on camera in HD. We’ll also be sharing what’s happening in realtime using a vast array of social media tools and websites.
Huntography is a movement to showcase how the rest of us hunt and how we are using technology to connect with each other across the country, from online to offline.
We’ll see you online and in the woods this fall. It’s on!
Fall Deer Hunting Dates:

Wisconsin: Bowhunting – October 16-18
Michigan: Bowhunting – October 19-23rd
Ohio: Bowhunting – October 24-25
Maryland: Bowhunting – October 26-27
Virgina: Bowhunting – October 28-29
North Carolina: Bowhunting – October 30-31
Georgia: Rifle – Nov 1-2
Tennessee: Bowhunting – November – 3-4
Arkansas: Bowhunting – November 6-7
Oklahoma: Bowhunting – November 8-9
 We can't explain how excited we are about this opportunity to work with Rudy and be included  in his trip. A huge thank you to @huntography for choosing to spend a couple of days filming us. We are his last stop on his enormous loop throughout the country and are bound to make an impression. You will get a chance to see us in all of our "glory," humor, and just being the everyday outdoorsmen.