Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Turkey Season: Choose Carefully

Matt and I have been looking forward to turkey season since duck season ended. After months of anticipation, it is only days away. With hunting public land only, you have to really do your homework and make that first week of the season pay off. March 29th, all the planning and and hard work that we put into the season was place into a holding pattern, my first child was born.

As much as I live for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors in general, I will be missing the first week of the season, the best week of the season, to take care of my daughter and wife. There won't be anymore just picking up and spending every day off in the woods. Luckily for myself, my mom is coming into town the second week of the season and will give Matt and I the chance to team up and whack a gobbler.

We hope that there won't be much pressure on the turkeys that first week, but there is not guarantee. In fact, we are almost promised to be chasing birds that have been shot at, squealed at, spooked off the roost, and generally scared to death. We will be making this more difficult on ourselves with trying to harvest the bird on camera, and with a bow. For the sake of our viewers and readers, we will have a shotgun there for backup should we get busted trying to draw on him. We weren't planning on taking this approach, but for everyone that has a child, much less a newborn, you know that time away is precious, and you must use it wisely, especially when trying to film it. I'm already looking forward to next week, even though tomorrow is the opener.

For those of you getting out tomorrow morning and chasing the elusive roosted birds, good luck and straight shooting.

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