Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time to Wet a Line

As we looked at the forecast for this last weekend, Saturday looked promising at 64 degrees with a south wind of 15mph. Matt and I decided to try our favorite Crappie hole and see how close we are to the spawn. With a warm winter, we figured the spawn would happen a little earlier this year than last.

We picked up 2 dozen minnows and got setup. We get 3 fish immediately, but we wondered if they were flukes, so we didn't start a stringer.

The next hour went by rather uneventfully. Then, someone flipped the fish-switch. I had two lines set out and several times had both bobbers dipping at the same time. The largest fish of the day took off with Matt's line from open water and put up a heck of a fight. He came to the surface to jump and I could've sworn he was a bass with the way he was acting. Below are pictures of some of the fish.

I have heard quite a bit of contraversy about the umbrella rig lately, and I have to say, I want to try it. I like to purchase from local stores whenever possible, so I found A and M Baits out of Eufaula, Oklahoma and ordered their A-rig for $10. It just arrived today.

 We'll be going out this weekend to fill a stringer for sure.

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