Friday, September 2, 2011

Opening Day for Dove

4:45am, my alarms started going off. It's a 45 minute drive to the spot I had chosen to hunt, it's opening day for dove, and I'm hunting a populated area. I get there at 5:45 and there's already a vehicle parked. Shooting light is at 6:30am. As I walk into the field, 3 others vehicles pull up.

Due to my previous scouting, I know exactly where I am setting up. I am using a half-dozen Game Winner inflatable foam dove decoys as well as a Mojo motorized teal decoy. Why in the heck am I using a teal decoy? They are closer to the size of a dove and Mojo has made the wings spin faster on the teal version. Dove are attracted to the flash of the wings, and Mojo has created a dove version, but I like to have more than one use for the items that I purchase and early teal season starts on the 10th of this month. I place 3 of the dove decoys on the top of the tall brush that I am sitting in and 3 on the ground roughly 10 yards away and the teal Mojo in the  middle of them.

I sit and watch the clock to shooting light. The dove start following what I planned for them to do and funnel toward me. I miss the first bird, but after that I'm connecting on the first shot. I manage to take a 15 bird limit on opening day with only shooting 1 box of shells. Here's a video of the hunt:

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  1. Good stuff, looks like you had just a little big of fun.